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Dating old maps and globes

A few days ago I posted this photo on Twitter. It’s a map from the “Atlas of European History”, an old atlas in my collection. There’s no date on it (in fact I wasn’t able to find a date in … Continue reading

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We have produced base maps for various weather-websites by The Meteo Company, such as, and These are static maps on top of which the dynamic weather information is projected. Obviously it is vitally important that these maps … Continue reading

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Red Geographics has produced the maps for the BalancePlanet globe. The BalancePlanet is a geographically accurate 3D globe with a diameter of 30 inch. The BalancePlanet shows a colourful, tangible image of the world with lots of attention to detail. … Continue reading

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NACIS Map Quilt

I was asked to produce a tile for the 2014 NACIS Map Quilt, and I decided to make it a celebration of NACIS. I made a fairly basic map, but instead of labelling features with their proper name I named … Continue reading

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FME tip: create point from text

We’ve all been there: there’s an attribute containing an x coordinate, a space and a y coordinate, like this: 12.544 23.323 How to build geometry from that using FME? The most obvious route, one that I used for years, was … Continue reading

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