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NACIS Map Quilt

I was asked to produce a tile for the 2014 NACIS Map Quilt, and I decided to make it a celebration of NACIS. I made a fairly basic map, but instead of labelling features with their proper name I named … Continue reading

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FME tip: create point from text

We’ve all been there: there’s an attribute containing an x coordinate, a space and a y coordinate, like this: 12.544 23.323 How to build geometry from that using FME? The most obvious route, one that I used for years, was … Continue reading

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Training courses fall 2014

Our fall 2014 training courses are set. In this period Red Geographics will offer a 2-day MAPublisher training course (in cooperation with Rerink Kartografie) as well as two 2-day FME Basic training courses. Cursus Lokatie Datum ¬†MAPublisher ¬†Zevenbergen 30-31 october … Continue reading

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Is there a future for custom cartography?

When I explain what I do for a living people often ask me the stereotypical questions. “Isn’t the whole earth mapped already?” and “Do you have to actually visit all the places you’re mapping?” are the most common ones, but … Continue reading

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Red Geographics has worked on several projects for Geocentric. These involved processing GIS data to aid the production of high-end maps, for example turning street curblines into street areas. The processing was done using a combination of FME, ArcGIS and … Continue reading

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