NACIS Map Quilt

I was asked to produce a tile for the 2014 NACIS Map Quilt, and I decided to make it a celebration of NACIS. I made a fairly basic map, but instead of labelling features with their proper name I named everything after people involved with NACIS and concepts associated with NACIS specifically or cartography in general. There is not a single correct label on my part of the map (if there it, it’s a pure coincidence).

(my tile is the grey one, 2nd column from the left, 2nd from the top)

All NACIS 2014 presenters have a street named after them, as well as all current board members, past presidents and a number of people who have been NACIS regulars over the period I’ve been attending, which is 10 years now.

Since I figured a lot of people would want to get a copy I’m making it available here. It’s public domain, feel free to do with it whatever you want.

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