SOM Nijmegen

SOM Nijmegen, an organisation that focuses on education, participation and communication in the field of sustainability has asked Red Geographics to produce a map of The Netherlands showing wihich parts of the country are in danger of flooding in case of a 7 meter rise in sea levels.

Since this is a relatively small map there was little need for highly detailed source data. With that in mind, SRTM data was chosen for a base map. This is altimetry data collected by NASA during a space shuttle mission in the year 2000. Using this data a reference map was produced in Global Mapper. Based on that reference map the 0 and +7 meter contours were manually drawn in using MAPublisher. Polygons were then formed for
areas below sea level, between 0 and 7 meters and higher than 7 meters. Thanks to this manual process errors in the SRTM data could be corrected and at the same time the overall look and feel of the end result turned out a lot more relaxed and pleasing to the eye. As a reference aid to the map user provicial borders and major cities were added.

As this is a map with an educational purpose the legend has been kept very basic. By using the map along with the accompanying text students will be able to draw their own conclusions regarding sea level rise and the consequences for The Netherlands.


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