Geographic Imager

When map quality matters it is important to use the software tools that will allow you to produce the best quality maps possible in the most efficient and accurate manner. When working with vector map data to produce a map MAPublisher serves to bridge the gap between the GIS and vector graphics worlds.

But what about raster imagery? How can I project and edit my aerial and satellite images or my map scans in a similarly user-friendly environment?

The new Geographic Imager 3.0 does just that by providing to Adobe Photoshop a similar set of tools and functionality as MAPublisher provides to Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand, allowing you to use the powerful and vast image editing tools of Adobe Photoshop to enhance and manipulate your spatial imagery, including raster-based elevation data.

Checking the georeference of a composite image

Geographic Imager enhances the already commanding Adobe Photoshop imaging environment by adding all the tools and technology necessary to support the import, edit, manipulation and export of geospatial images such as aerial and satellite imagery and digital elevation models. ┬áIn addition to allowing the use of Photoshop’s numerous native imaging functions such as transparencies, cropping, individual pixel editing and brightness/contrast control, Geographic Imager adds the ability to open and recognize geotiffs and other referenced raster formats, automatically mosaic images spatially, reproject images, transform and geo-reference images based on ground control points and save images with all spatial information intact. It also adds support for a number of 3D formats (Arc/Info ASCII Grid & Binary Grid, BIL, NITF, DEM USGS/CDED ASCII, Military Elevation Data / DTED, SDTS transfer and SRTM) as well as large raster formats (ECW, JPEG 2000, MrSID, PCI EASI/PACE, SGI, BigTiff)

Relief shading

Geographic Imager 3.2 introduces the option to use hypsometric tints and relief shading to create visually attractive maps out of digital elevation data.

Pricing information

Geographic Imager is available in a number of license options. Please contact Red Geographics to find out which option best suits your needs and to get a detailed price quote.

For more information on Geographic Imager, and to get in touch with other users, please visit the Avenza forums.

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