MAPublisher 9 is the latest version of this powerful suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator that bridges the gap between Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and high-end graphic design for high quality creation, high resolution printing and electronic publishing of maps. Cartographic quality map production is now faster, easier and better. Avenza understands that completing GIS graphics tasks is best performed in the right environment such as a powerful graphics application like Adobe Illustrator. MAPublisher takes you into this environment seamlessly and effortlessly with the right GIS data management tools to facilitate the map production process. Using this fast, intuitive system, your map can transcend the ordinary and become a work of art.


MAPublisher 8 combines the best features of GIS with the powerful design environments of Adobe Illustrator to enable native GIS data files to be used as a base for cartographic production. No more scanning and tracing is necessary with MAPublisher.

MAPublisher 8 supports the import of the most widely used GIS data formats, including those from ESRI (Shapefiles and Geodatabases), MapInfo, MicroStation, AutoCAD and the USGS as well as a wide range of GML-based formats, including Dutch Top10NL. All GIS data attributes and geographic parameters are maintained during import and are fully accessible and editable during the cartographic process. MAPublisher 8 provides dozens of mapping, cartographic and GIS-like tools for working with imported map data within the Adobe Illustrator environment towards the creation of the the highest quality maps possible. With the addition of the Map Web Author tool, easy export to interactive Flash maps is now also possible.

Red Geographics has used MAPublisher in a large number of different projects, the experience gained there allows us to offer our clients the best service possible.

MAPublisher LabelPro

LabelPro is an optional, extra-cost, add-on to MAPublisher. The MAPublisher LabelPro labeling engine offers advanced labeling capabilities beyond those available in the standard MAPublisher. The MAPublisher LabelPro engine contains sophisticated algorithms that provide the ability for solving many of the most commonly occurring map labeling problems such as complex conflict resolution across multiple layers, the ability to specify data as obstacles as well as the ability to create complex labeling conventions via user defined rules. The MAPublisher LabelPro engine uses map data attributes for labeling and offers a much greater level of sophistication and control that can be configured through an intuitive user interface. Data layers may be assigned an order of prioritization for labeling sequences and the ability to recognize existing type as obstacles for multiple labeling sessions if necessary. Placement rules and properties, once set, can be saved to a file and imported into other files or shared with other users.

MAPublisher LabelPro

MAPublisher Spatial Databases

The Spatial Databases add-on allows users to read data from ESRI Geodatabases, using spatial and SQL queries.


Red Geographics offers hands-on MAPublisher training courses, as well as a set of training videos on DVD. Aside from that we are also available for MAPublisher-related consultancy.


As MAPublisher comes with a number of different licensing options, we recommend that you contact us so that we can prepare a price quote for you.

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