Visual Nature Studio/World Construction Set

Both Visual Nature Studio and World Construction Set are tools to create landscape visualisation. Either a photo-realistic ground-level view or a large world map, everything is possible with VNS and WCS. It can be used to create both still images and animations for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from historical recreation to landscape planning to ‘classic’ cartography. With help from the extra-cost Scene Express plugin, your scenes can even be exported to VRML, Worldwind and Google Earth, as well as 3D Nature’s own NatureView viewer, for realtime viewing. WCS and VNS offer a full range of controls to tweak every minute detail of your scene.

Visual Nature Studio

Visual Nature Studio 3 introduces a number of very useful improvements, such as a revamped user interface, crisp effect edges without the need of going to very high fractal depths and phong shading.

Phong shading in VNS 3
Same project, rendered in Visual Nature Studio 2 (left) and 3 (right). The phong shading eliminates a lot of the noise and makes the image look cleaner.

Visual Nature Studio offers more GIS functionality than World Construction Set, as well as faster terrain gridding, enhanced coordinate system support and support for very large images. A comprehensive list of differences between Visual Nature Studio and World Construction Set is available here.

Visual Nature Studio, together with the Ultimate Earth dataset, was used by Red Geographics to produce the wall map for Vincent Scientific. Other samples can be found on the 3DNWorld page for Hans van der Maarel

Pricing information

There are various different licensing options available for VNS and WCS, please contact Red Geographics for a detailed price quote.

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