MAPublisher training videos

Red Geographics is offering a set of MAPublisher training videos with all necessary source data. These videos, while not intended to replace a hands-on training course, will offer you a complete rundown of all MAPublisher functionality through a number of practical excercises.

MAPublisher LabelPro

These hi-res videos are produced using an English version of Adobe Illustrator and spoken in English. The excercises are developed by Hans van der Maarel of Red Geographics, a noted MAPublisher expert with over 10 years of experience using MAPublisher and Illustrator. Special care is taken to match the excercises to real-world applications of MAPublisher. The videos have been updated to MAPublisher 9.2

Whether you are a long-time MAPublisher user, looking to keep your skills up-to-date, or a novice with no prior experience, these videos are an ideal way to learn about MAPublisher.


The 4-hour course (covering the same amount of material as 2+ days of hands-on training) is divided into several topical sessions, ranging in length from 10 to 45 minutes.

Export to Geospatial PDF

Subjects include importing data, working with attributes, styling it using MAP Themes, geoprocessing, labelling (including Label Pro) and exporting to various formats including HTML 5 and Geospatial PDF.


The videos are delivered, with all source data, as mp4 movies (Windows and Macintosh compatible), priced at $129 with a $30 discount for customers with a valid MAPublisher maintenance contract. To place your order, please contact Red Geographics directly, or contact one of these resellers:

Avenza Systems Inc.
124 Merton Street, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M4S 2Z2

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